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Alerts are the ideal way for you to stay informed on just about everything happening in the legal market. And because you’re in control of the content there won’t be any spam.

From Accountancy and the Administration of the Law to VAT and Water Law, Westlaw India can deliver daily alerts direct to your inbox. There’s no need to keep searching for new information on the cases, legislation or types of article that you are interested in. Let it come to you.

You can either choose an alert from a list of pre-selected subject areas or create your own alerts using keywords, case names or legislation that you wish to be updated on. You can set up as many alerts on different subjects as you like.

You can even choose if you’d like a brief summary of what’s new or complete documents direct from Westlaw India.

Westlaw India empowers your research, ensuring you are always up to date with the developments that impact you.

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